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Spray-X Foaming Glass Cleaner
Windshield Repair | Paint Body & Equipment | Car Wash
  • Designed for the Professional Automotive Detailer and Glass Repairer, Spray-X Foaming Glass Cleaner is the most versatile glass cleaner available today.
  • Our heavy duty-clinging foam quickly gets to work breaking up road grit and grime, dirt, bugs, fingerprints and more. It clings to vertical surfaces so there is no running or streaking.
  • Safe for use on tint, headlights, bumpers, mirrors, chrome, paint surfaces, plexiglass, fiberglass and other hard surfaces.
  • We use Cosmetic-Grade alcohol for best in class performance.
  • Our can uses a 360 degree valve which allows our product to be sprayed in any position, even upside down.
  • Our superior formula is guaranteed to leave no film and no streaks.
  • Ammonia free.
  • Pleasant scent.
Spray-X Foaming Glass Cleaner - Things We Clean for Automotive Industry

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